Competition Pictures

The pictures above were provided by Ms. Moore from the actual competition.  Thanks for sharing the excellent candids!



Team members should be working on their costume sketches and possible ideas for how to make their “fishing” devices work.  Everyone should have access to the Google document through the email addresses they provided me.  Team members are allowed to go into the document and add their ideas at any time, in fact, I highly encourage it!


Also, Mr. Pulley and I need to determine when our weekend practices will be held and I need feedback from the parents for this.  Please leave a comment if you would prefer Saturday or Sunday practices.  We will try to accommodate the majority vote.  We will also need a home to practice in on Saturdays.  My mobile is not a good option because it does not have access to a bathroom.  Please let me know if you are willing/able.

Thank you!

Girls vs. Boys Spontaneous

We paired up the group into teams to complete the “On a Boat” challenge. The ladies were able to create an aluminum foil raft that held the most paper clips.  However, the boys did an excellent job working as a team and listening to all ideas presented.

Everyone presented wonderful ideas for our long term problem. Mr. Pulley and I were very pleased with how much they got accomplished tonight.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Auditions for 2015-2016

It’s time for a new Odyssey season!  Mr. Pulley and I will be holding auditions on Thursday, October 1st in the Media Center from 3:45 to 5:00.  Audition forms will be available for students to pick up in the office on Monday, September 14th and must be turned in by September 29th.  Please read the audition form carefully and follow all instructions!  Previous team members do need to participate in the audition process again, so make sure you pick up a form as soon as possible.


Ms. Jones

Competition Information


  • When: March 28th
  • Where: Menchville High School
  • Performance Information – everyone must be at NSES by 8:30. We will load up our set and have a caravan to the school.
    • Problem #3: Pandora’s Box (Division I)
    • Long term – 3:30 in the auxiliary gym (family members allowed to watch)
    • Spontaneous – 11:40 (team members only)
    • Awards Ceremony – Tentatively at 6:00pm
  • Team members are requested to stay on campus during competition (per OOTM rules)
  • We ask that our Odyssey team not watch any other Pandora’s Box performances except for Nansemond River High School (10:00) until after we have finished our long term performance.  The team members can watch any other problem, but we do not want them to watch potential competition!
  • We can bring our set into the building one hour prior to long term time. We can unload on the bus ramp but they do not want anyone parking there. Parking is limited so get there early!
  • Make-up and costumes must be applied by team members…otherwise it is outside assistance and we will be penalized. If something breaks on a prop, it must be fixed by a team member or it will be penalized as outside assistance!!!
  • Parents are allowed to help bring props into the building
  • No one is allowed into the performance area once the time has started. Be on time so that you do not miss it!!
  • Parents are not allowed in the team competition area (where we meet our Staging Area Judge)
  • Good sportsmanship should be reinforced at all times. Poor sportsmanship may result in a penalty under Spirit of the Problem scoring.
  • Concessions and souvenirs are available (cash/check). You can also bring snacks and books/cards, etc., but remember that team members may not be able to stay with personal belongings so don’t bring anything valuable unless a parent can watch it!
  • Spontaneous problems are not to be discussed until after World Finals!!!!
  • Most importantly, remember to have fun! Odyssey is all about allowing Omers to grow individually and as a group and competition is a time to celebrate that. Feel free to dress for the celebration (silly hats, team shirts, beads, noisemakers, etc.!) Also, it is a long day at the school, so you may want to bring cards, games, etc.
  • Questions? Call Jones at 757-679-6633 or Pulley 757-718-6173 and we will be happy to help!